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What if I fail?

Do you ever feel like you are life’s punching bag?

I believe strongly that every cloud of struggle and heartache CAN develop a silver lining!

You see, I choose to believe in God, family and good things to come. I choose to trust God, that whatever I’m supposed to learn in life, I will learn. I choose to be positive in an increasingly negative world.

But, sometimes life does get me down.

I do often worry what awaits me and what if I don’t measure up as a mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend?

This question has lingered in the dark corners of my mind throughout my life… “What if I fail?”
In a given situation, I may fail…and I have MANY times…(even if it’s actually me making myself believe something is a failure)

I’ve fallen off the top of a pyramid on stage at a national cheerleading competition in high school.
I’ve forgotten an entire speech in front of a class of 250 people in college.
I have walked the streets of Brazil for months rejected countless times: doors slammed in my face, people mocked me regularly for my Christ-centered message.
I’ve epically failed with a few extended family and friend relationships.
I’ve lost thousands of dollars to dishonest people due to my trusting nature.
I’ve had weeks of seeing nobody but my kids and wondering if anyone else knew I existed.
I have cried myself to sleep on multiple occasions feeling like I was the worst mom.
And these are just a few of MINE. I know you have yours, as do our families. But is there really such a thing as failure?


There is ALWAYS a silver lining.

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Turn the light on what you DID learn from a situation. How you DID grow. What you DID accomplish.  What IS possible from a given circumstance.

In fact, here’s another question…a better question than “what if I fail?”…

“What if I fly?”

THAT is what deserves the attention. THAT is what we tell our kids when they are afraid of trying something new. That is what we say to our husband when he wants to leave his job for a new direction. That is what we remind ourselves when we just need more courage.

seagull 2

We need to teach our families that failure is the “lack” of trying, not the result of it. As long as we learn and grow and progress, we will move forward.

We can do this! We can live the life of our dreams. We can learn and grow and succeed. We can raise strong, happy families who make a difference in the world!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” –Audrey Hepburn

YOU can do this!

You can survive the days when you wonder why you even got out of bed. You can know that someday you WILL be able to sleep through the night. Your kids really will learn and grow, as they should. You absolutely have worth. You are incredible!

This is YOUR time. This is your moment in history. You can and will be heard and remembered… perhaps by the world as a whole, but for certain by your family and by God.

Take courage. Discouragement is the “lack of courage”.

Just remember, my friend, that YOU CAN DO THIS!  And if you find yourself asking the question, “What if I fail?”, remember that THIS should be your reality…

“Oh, my darling, but what if you fly?!!”

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What makes you move forward when things aren’t going the way you want? How have you found courage?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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