I’ve known so many wonderful people who have had miscarriage after miscarriage, raised special needs children, had their marriages fall apart from pornography, suffered from disease and abuse of all kinds, and a myriad of other heartaches and trials. I am always amazed by their strength and courage. I’ve also had my own disappointments and struggles. Life definitely isn’t easy. Sometimes it feels like we are the only one on the planet suffering and we cling to support and inspiration. 

Does it make you feel normal again when you hear someone else’s story? Me too! I don’t feel so alone in mine. I find extra strength to pull from and perspective for my own life. I am truly inspired!

Have you ever wanted to share YOUR story because you know it would help someone? Perhaps you’ve wanted a platform to share what you’ve learned? Have you ever wondered why the everyday person doesn’t have a big stage, when their message could truly change lives? 

Well, I haven’t known of a stage like that... until now! 

So, here’s the thing… 

If you are needing help to move forward. If you need desperately to hear stories of faith and hope in God and his plan for you. 

If you are aching to see Heavenly Father’s hand in YOUR life.

If you want to come and listen to everyday people who have the courage to share, then join us for this special event.

You’ll leave full of gratitude. Gratitude for YOUR own story, as well as those that who share their hearts with you.

You’ll leave refreshed. You CAN keep going because others have gone before and conquered. 

You’ll leave connected. You are not alone in this world! There are others who have walked the path before. 

You’ll leave inspired. Heavenly Father wants you to KNOW that there is a purpose in all things and that through our stories, He refines us, helps us, loves us and grants us hope. 

If this sounds like something you need, please join us for… 


in beautiful Midway, Utah.

It’s not your typical conference!

Instead it is: 

  • A small and more intimate event
  • Half day (or evening), so it doesn’t take up too much of your time
  • Men and women (whichever you are and whichever you prefer to bring ☺)
  • Includes yummy food and special gifts
  • Inspiring stories and music
  • No need to dress up. Nice casual clothing acceptable.
  • Nestled in the gorgeous mountains of Midway, Utah
  • A chance for you to apply to share YOUR story at future events. Our stage can become YOUR stage. Your faith, your story, your stage. 

If this sounds like the perfect outing and exactly what you need, sign up for our BETA group TODAY!

What you’ll GET as a BETA tester: 

  • The opportunity to listen to 6 amazing, everyday people with a story to tell 
  • Music and video to motivate and inspire your soul 
  • A scrumptious lunch in a beautiful setting 
  • Great gifts that you’ll rave about 
  • The chance to win a free night’s stay at Zermatt 

All you have to DO as a BETA tester: 

  • Sign up! 
  • Show up! 
  • Answer a set of detailed questions about your experience. 
  • Experience great get away in the middle of the week…and fall colors to enjoy on your drive.:) 

It’s that simple and easy… 

and we feed you! All of this for only $25!!! 

That’s a 50% discount! 

Sign up today! Space is limited. 

Doors close on Wednesday, October 5th at Midnight. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zermatt Utah in Midway, UT

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (includes lunch)

$49 per person

$25 per person


Don’t wait, though, as space is limited! 

We are so excited to see you there! This is the event for YOU! Real, everyday people sharing their stories of faith in God to help YOU overcome your overwhelm. 

You’ll be inspired… WE PROMISE!!! 

Our October events include the following everyday, AWESOME people with inspiring stories, PLUS many more:

Cindy Stagg

Cindy is a writer, speaker, and storyteller. Having experienced several miscarriages, Cindy found herself in a unique position. She became the involuntary "expert" among her friends on this topic, answering their questions as she struggled to find answers to her own questions. Because there is no specific LDS doctrine on miscarriage, she went in search of answers by studying the scriptures, reading talks by prophets and apostles, and praying for personal guidance. Because of this, her friends encouraged her to write a book on the subject. Tender Mercies: Hope and Healing After Miscarriage is due out this fall. Cindy lives in the mountaintops of Utah with her husband and two children, where she loves to paddle board, hike, and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Sasha Fenton

Sasha has been happily married for 17 years. Sasha has four beautiful children and lives in Heber City, Utah. She enjoys the great outdoors, reading, exercising, riding horses and going to the temple. 

I can now see God's hand in the entire situation that I went through... I am stronger, more empathetic, and happier. I have learned and continue to learn how to turn faith into a power in my life instead of letting it just be something I believe. I couldn't see how Heavenly Father was going to work things out for me but it was the tiny bits of inspiration I would periodically receive which gave me hope! Hope was the tool that would lift me and propel me into the next day! There are many things people can do to achieve happiness and peace in this crazy world. Heavenly Father has given us the tools, we just need to know how to apply them in our lives. Hopefully my experience can help others in their lives.

Kit & Mike Gardiner

We are Mike and Kit! We've been married for 19 years and have 4 amazing children. Our life has been so up and down. Disappointment after disappointment have taken us on a crazy rollercoaster in our life. Unmet goals and expectations, and much fasting and prayer have shown ourselves to ourselves. It's so interesting how Heavenly Father takes the trials and struggles of life and creates a beautiful silver lining, leading you, albeit through unexpected paths, to exactly where you should be. 

What else can we give our kids than a realistic expectation of life, so they don't think they've been jipped when their lives don't go the way they think they should. God is in charge and with faith we can ride any rollercoaster and be happy...and so can they!

Jennifer Haroldson

Jenny feels so excited to be given this opportunity to share her story. Having been divorced more than once, been a single mother and co-parent for way longer than she had any desire to be and now married to the best possible match that only the Lord could have made, she and her husband, Israel, are now managing life with a large blended family, busy church callings, and several businesses. Yes, there were plenty of times that she gave up hope, but the Lord never once gave up on her. She looks forward to sharing her story of heartache and happiness, faith and hope and continually pressing forward despite the forks in the road! Jenny and her husband live in Orem with their 8 children. 

Heather Gordon

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing conference! Thank you to Mike and Kit Gardiner for giving me the opportunity. I am blessed to have four busy children and a very happy husband. They patiently watch while I bike, swim and run all over this beautiful valley. 

The stories of my life illustrate a loving Heavenly Father’s constant attention and grace. He has gently accompanied me through childhood trauma, addiction, tragedy and raising special needs children. Not only have these trials given me necessary experience, but through them I have come to appreciate the Father’s all-knowing love and plan for His children.

Mariah Wickham

Mariah Wickham is a born and raised Utahn but has a heart full of wanderlust and love traveling. She is a happy wife to Michael and a lucky mom to two terrific boys. She loves to serve the world by helping others find their voice, as she feels that everyone's story matters. Her unique, and at times, heartbreaking journey with secondary infertility motivated her to speak up so others can feel strength in their struggle and find purpose in their pain. She is fueled by grace, green smoothies and great conversations.

Reserve your spot today! Seating is limited.