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Our Family Favorites


  1. We love to play games- Scattergories, Solitaire and True Colors, to name a few.
  2. We love all things chocolate!
  3. We are a Mac family. We only use Apple products because we love them and what the company stands for.
  4. We are a religious family. We love to go to church on Sundays, youth activities on Wednesdays, and talk about all things gospel any day of the week.
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  6. We have 2 welsh corgi dogs. Strange looking, but sweet nonetheless.
  7. We love all things soccer!!! With 3 kids playing soccer, we are constantly at a practice or game!
  8. There has to be color… we couldn’t survive in a neutral house. We have yellow, blue, purple, lime green, and pink walls, yellow cabinets, red and green couches, green rugs, stripes, polka dots and a whole lot of happy!
  9. We way prefer summer to any other season of the year. We often ask ourselves why we live in the mountains. ☺
  10. We drink A LOT of smoothies and grill just about any type of food.
  11. We are not big campers. We like “playing” in the tent, but not as much “staying” in the tent.
  12. We like to dance around the house with loud music blasting (especially during Saturday chores).
  13. We love our weekly family night where we study good books, serve others, play games and eat treats.
  14. We like to sit on our porch and visit with friends on warm, summer nights.
  15. We are a movie family. We don’t subscribe to TV. We have one…but only to watch movies.
  16. football-155528_12804th of July fireworks are a favorite every year.
  17. Our house is the place to be on a Friday night. Always hopping with friends, games, music and treats.
  18. We love essential oils! They are the first thing we go to start our day and the last thing before we go to bed.
  19. We all equally hate laundry.
  20. We love small town America and love to live in ours.
  21. We eat breakfast and dinner together and read as a family every day.
  22. We all love to sleep in!
  23. We are so not perfect and we do occasionally get on each other’s nerves.
  24. We are all ticklish (even if some don’t admit it)
  25. We know that work is vital to a happy and successful family.  However, we get irritated if work consumes our day…so, it doesn’t happen very often.  A balance is vital!