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  1. Do essential oils really work?
  2. What is the recommended dosage?
  3. Can I really use them internally?
  4. Can I use them on my kids?
  5. Can I use them when I’m pregnant?
  6. Why do essential oils smell weird on occasion?
  7. Do essential oils expire?
  8. If they cure diseases, why haven’t we heard more about them?
  9. Can they be used alongside prescription and over-the-counter medications?
  10. Why is there so much controversy with essential oils and the medical world?
  11. Are there experts working with your company?
  12. Where can I receive training?
  13. How does your company compare with other leading brands of essential oils?
  14. Why are other brands of essential oils cheaper?
  15. Can I buy these at a store for less?
  16. Do you go through a bottle every month? How much do you use on a monthly basis?
  17. Do I automatically have an Auto ship order every month?
  18. Why does your company use the Network Marketing model?
  19. How can I learn more?

1.  Do essential oils really work?

YES, when used properly and with necessary frequency depending on the issue.  Are essential oils just a trend or a passing fad?  I wondered the same thing once, but have been thrilled to watch essential oils become a part of wellness lifestyles throughout the world. I can tell you with assurance that our company will continue to grow. The growth rate has been phenomenal. We have a 65-70% retention rate. That is the highest retention rate, BY A LANDSLIDE, in the industry. People throughout the world are discovering the value of essential oils.  They are here to stay!  (and just a note…they’ve been here for thousands of years)

Many people are frustrated with the phrase, “I’ve got an oil for that!”  Those who have experienced the benefits of essential oils say it frequently. While I can’t promise that you’ll never hear that again (because I will keep saying it☺), I can tell you that if you experiment with the oils, you will certainly agree to their many uses.

2.  What is the recommended dosage?

Every oil is different. You want to start with a few drops either on the bottom of your feet, in a diffuser, or internally if recommended for internal use. As you experiment, you will find what works for your body. Our bodies have slightly different chemical makeups and may require some experimentation on your part.

3.  Can I really use them internally?

Many of our essential oils are safe when used internally. A few do not have as much of an internal benefit. Each bottle of our essential oil is labeled with its recommended uses.

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4.  Can I use them on my kids?


Absolutely! My kids love essential oils. Just remember to dilute as needed, especially for sensitive skin. Also, the dosage will be less than that of an adult by at least half, if not more. Start with one drop. Make sure to not touch your eyes or your child’s eyes after applying the oils. Do not pour oils down the ear canals, in the eyes or in the nasal passages. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

5.  Can I use them when I’m pregnant?

Yes! We have resources available to educate you on the use of essential oils when you are pregnant. Please email us here, for more information. We are here to answer your questions, not hound you, so NO WORRIES!

6.  Why do essential oils smell weird on occasion?

Essential oils are volatile compounds of plants and are naturally effected by the climate, soil, rainfall, frost, etc. of a given area and/or season. On occasion, an oil will not smell exactly as you expect for these very reasons. Our company will only offer the highest-grade essential oils with the correct constituents for the desired effect. For this reason, NO essential oil will be offered and sold that does not meet our high quality requirements. Rest assured that you are getting the highest-grade essential oil, regardless of the occasional difference in smell, and it will provide the same benefits to the body. Our company refuses to alter an oil to get the desired smell.

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 7.  Do essential oils expire?

Our company states, “essential oils that are approved for internal use are required to contain a printed expiration date on their packaging.  ‘Our company’ cannot guarantee the oils after this date because essential oils naturally lose some of their potency over time. However, essential oils are very stable. We are currently conducting shelf life testing and have found no problems even after 5-10 years. Properly stored essential oils will maintain their potency for a long time” –Our favorite company.

The citrus oils are much more volatile than the others.  It is actually recommended that you use them within 2 years of purchase.

8.  If they cure diseases, why haven’t we heard more about them?

Essential oils are not regulated or approved by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor are the products and methods intended to replace proper medical help. Essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance, thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore that balance. Essential oils are not used to “treat” medical problems.

9.  Can they be used alongside prescription and over-the-counter medications?

Consult your health care provider before taking essential oils with a prescription. My family and I use our oils alongside any necessary medicine prescribed by a doctor.

10.  Why is there so much controversy with essential oils and the medical world?soft gels

It is my opinion that essential oils and modern medicine can be used hand in hand. Some may agree with me and some may not. Our family has been successful with using both.  We encourage you to consult your health care professional and create an effective, preventative approach to your family’s wellness. The controversy will likely continue and you may see arguments for both sides of the debate. However, there is a movement that is gaining momentum in the world. It is a movement of people taking more control of their own health and seeking for natural, alternative methods of healthcare.

11.  Are there experts working with your company?

Yes!  There are many working for the company we love.  Click below to receive our free cheat sheet to see which company we use.  On the company website, you will find the experts working in house or independent.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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12.  Where can I receive training?

We are happy to help you.  Feel free to contact us here.

If you are interested in possibly building an amazing business, please click here for more details.  We would be thrilled to have you join us on this journey!

13.  How does your company compare with other leading brands of essential oils?

I am not into the comparison game except to say that, if you test them out yourself, you will immediately be able to tell the difference. I believe our company to have the premium essential oil on the planet.

14.  Why are other brands of essential oils cheaper?

I am absolutely willing to pay for goods and services of any kind, if they are high quality and produced by an outstanding company. I feel the same way about my oils. They are sourced from their native origins around the world, tested by leading chemists with state of the art testing facilities and equipment, and shipped to your door free from fillers or contaminants. The integrity of this company and its products is evident as they offer the highest quality products at the fairest price possible. It is also important to remember that each oil is priced according to it’s availability and distilling processes.

15.  Can I buy these at a store for less?

The essential oils from my company are not sold in health food stores UNLESS the storeowner is an enrolled member and has chosen to make that offering to his/her clients. It is not uncommon to find them in spas, workout facilities, salons, massage therapist offices, physical therapist offices, etc. We do not recommend ordering through Amazon. The best place to purchase your essential oils is through a wellness advocate (I am one! ☺). Click here to contact me and find out how you can enroll today!

16.  Do you go through a bottle every month? How much do you use on a monthly basis?

Each 15ml bottle has 250 drops. For my family, we go through a bottle of the protective blend essential oil each month. We rub several drops of this oil on our feet each night and diffuse it into the air. We also go through a bottle of Lemon each month, as we use it to clean our kitchen, appliances, and even add it to our yogurt. There are many others we go through in a month. However, some we do not. There are some bottles that we have had for over a year that we use only on occasion. It really depends on your family’s needs and circumstances.

17.  Do I automatically have an Auto ship order every month?


 Not if you don’t want to.  It is an optional program.  If you use the oils on a regular basis, it is the best way to order because you receive free product credits and get more for your money.

18.  Why does your company use the Network Marketing model?

Many business models were researched and considered in the initial stages. It was decided that the Network Marketing model was the most effective way to get the word and the products out to the masses. With my company’s mission to have a healer in every home, this business model had the highest success rate and the ability to touch more lives.

In the beginning I worried about the Network Marketing aspect of this company. I can tell you that that lasted all of 2 weeks. As I began to realize the power of this model to move the benefits of essential oils to a wider audience in a shorter amount of time, I began to see the vision. It also provides wonderful residual income, as the 65-70% retention rate is phenomenal and unheard of in this profession. Network Marketing has had a bad reputation in the past of pushy salespeople pushing less than useful product. This company is not that way. We are not pushy salespeople (I guess there is that occasional weirdo person who is)! The product sells itself and we just share. I absolutely love Network Marketing!

19.  How can I learn more?

Click here to contact me directly. I am happy to answer any of your questions. Through email, you will learn of our webinar and Podcast schedule.

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