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The Vision

stones-451329_1280The possibilities…

We envision you stepping away from your hectic life (and we totally understand hectic) and stepping into a place of peace, calm and direction.

Putting aside your meetings, routines and stresses and visiting a place of new ideas, solutions and faith-filled inspiration.

Walking away temporarily from the daily responsibilities of raising your kids and taking a seat amongst like-minded women…new friends who understand!

Our mission at Infuse the Happy, is to make family life happier and in turn make the world a better place. With Christian principles in action, our homes will be places of love, service, hope and faith. And this makes us HAPPY!

Doesn’t that all sound amazing?

Just imagine…

-being the strong and capable mom you are meant to be.
-having order, serenity and true family connection in your home.
-creating a home that is healthy and happy
-being inspired everyday to live a Christ-centered life.

We totally get it when you are so tired that you can’t see straight. We know what it feels like to hide in your bathroom because that’s the only place they can’t find you…until they do ☺ ! We know what it’s like to not remember the last time you focused on YOU. We know because we’ve been there before.

If this sounds like you, our signature retreat “From Chaos to Connection” is the perfect fit. We have real tools to help make your vision a reality. Trust your intuition and join us for this memorable break!

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Our retreat is just around the corner!