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About Us


What in the world does Infuse the Happy mean? 

That’s a funny name.

We agree, but it fits us perfectly!  It means implementing small and simple things into your family life that will make you happy. Inspiration, ideas and natural products to make a mom’s life easier and happier.  Oh, and retreats!  Lots and lots of retreats!

Being a mom wears me out! It also makes me SO happy! I want to show you what I’ve found that will help you get a grasp on parenthood, feel good about your efforts and give your family options in healthcare and financial stability.


What can we do for you?

We can make you happier!  We’re convinced that when family life is built on Christian values, our real purpose as parents comes alive.

You are our overwhelmed, tired mom friends and I know EXACTLY how you feel!  I want to cater to you and your needs.  Our signature retreats are designed JUST FOR YOU and you will leave feeling more purpose-filled, capable and supported.  And that makes everyone happy!

We can help you to be the kind of mom (or family) that you want to be!

What are your challenges that we can help with?

We want to help moms (and dads) like you find tools that will bring success and happiness to your families. Maybe you need direction with your teenagers, maybe you need encouragement that what you do matters. maybe you’d like non-toxic alternatives for your home, or perhaps you desperately need quick and effective ways to bring relief when you are STRESSED OUT! We want to encourage and inspire you to KEEP GOING! We want to teach you what we’ve discovered that has changed our life and our circumstances forever. We promise, it will be worth it!

Here’s HOW we help…


Signature Retreats

I believe that PURPOSE is huge!  It’s the reason we get up every morning and do what we do.  As moms, we sometimes forget our purpose or perhaps never knew it to begin with.

We change that!

You will walk away from the retreat with your purpose in your back pocket and a vision of what is possible.

Christian values guide our lives.  This retreat is drenched in them because this world needs mothers who know and understand the need for guiding principles in our families and in the world.

We give solutions to make you capable, put together, peaceful and happy!  If any of these feelings are missing in your everyday life, you NEED to join us for a life-changing, purpose-filled retreat full of focus, fun, and relaxation.

Here’s our next one that you DON’T want to miss!


April 14-16, 2016 


“From Chaos to Connection” 

Mom Retreat

Park City, Utah

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We are NOT obnoxious and respect that your time is limited!  After all, we know how busy it is to run a family.

However, we believe… there is always a little bit of time to Infuse the Happy!


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Essential Oils


We love everything about essential oils!

The oils have changed our lives and our ability to care for our children.

We are empowered by these oils and products and hope to educate you on what we’ve found.

On occasion, we also offer special incentives.



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 Why should you listen to me?

You don’t have to…my kids don’t! But I can tell you that I KNOW what I’m talking about.

I’ve been a wife for 18 years, a mom for 16 years and a daughter and friend for 44.

I’ve stumbled through the basic responsibilities of caring for littles to the vast world of “teenagehood”. And through it all, I am happy to be alive…and so are my kids. I have tried long and hard to find ways to help my family and help myself in the process. I have found perfect ways to make an “imperfect” life happier.

  Who am I?

That’s a good question!

I am a girl who loves God, family and friends.  I love my role as wife and mom!  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas…my claim to fame.  After a short 3 year jaunt to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, my family settled in the gorgeous mountains of Utah.  Here I basically grew up and it was (and is) a magical place to live.  I met my cute husband in high school, but didn’t go on a single date with him until many years later.

We both attended the University of Utah, graduating in Broadcast Journalism (me) and Family and Human Development (Mike).  In the middle of all of that, we both took off for a couple of years on service missions for our church in St. Petersburg, Russia (Mike) and Sao Paulo, Brazil (me).  And do we have stories to tell!!!

We met up right after, married a whopping 3 years later, graduated respectively from the U and welcomed 4 kids into our family. We’ve been married nearly 19 glorious years…with some not so glorious things that we can talk about later:).

A few other things you might be interested in…

  • Business owner for 14 years (3 different businesses)
  • Worked in retail store management, local news station, and corporate America
  • Christian church goer and believer in all things good
  • Local speaker, teacher and event planner
  • Home decorator (worked with over 30 women)


What are my top 5 qualities?

I would say (and so would those who know me) that my top qualities are:

Empathy– I GET IT! I don’t gloss over the fact that some days are rotten, frustrating and tiring. I also don’t shy away from saying that some days are full of joy! Seeing your kids succeed, develop their talents and learn to be good, kind human beings makes the bad days worth it! I know how you feel and I can make a difference!

Belief– I believe in God. I believe we each have a plan for our life and that it is our job to find that out and make it happen. I believe in family as the fundamental unit of our society and support it as such. I believe in being honest and transparent and I love when others do the same. I believe in other peope. If I could give a standing ovation for every time I was inspired by others, I would be standing my whole and kit

Connectedness– We are all connected. There is a purpose in our lives. I believe that a coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous. I believe everything happens for a reason… and nobody can convince me otherwise…I’ve seen too much!:) I totally get emotionally connected with others. I love friends and I am so excited to get to to know you!

Communication– I can totally show you how the things included on this website can help YOU! I am naturally pretty enthusiastic (to a fault sometimes). So, if you need some pep in your day, week, month… or life…I can help! I have A LOT of life stories that I love to share to help you realize that you are not alone and I’ve been there, too! I can show you this through all kinds of mediums…let’s have fun together!

Creative– I love to create things. I see potential in everything and with a little bit of help, we can create what we need. We just need the right conditions, environment and tools. I support each of my family and friends in becoming who they want to be and with what they want to learn. We can create successful, happy families together… even if we have to get creative about it☺

Here’s my hubby, Mike:


  • Kit’s husband for 19 years
  • Dad for 16 ½ years (4 kids)
  • Business owner for 14 years (same as Kit)
  • Family Studies and Human Development degree from University of Utah, 1998
  • Worked in corporate America, retail sales, and office management
  • Huge advocate for happy homes and families
  • Christian church goer and believer that there is good in everyone
  • Local speaker and teacher
  • Coach or assistant coach to 5 youth soccer teams
  • Speaks English and Russian
  • Loves essential oils and healthy eating
  • Exercise lover
  • Big kid at heart (EVERYONE loves Mike, especially the teenagers!)
  • Loves all things technology, stereo and car related
  • Youngest of 6 siblings
  • Happy husband and father

See Our Family’s Top 25 if you still want to know more! 🙂

We hope that you’ll join us in Infusing the Happy into YOUR life. Small and simple things that grow your family’s definition of “HAPPY”!

So, what now?




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